• John Baird

Is your horse reluctant to leave home?

Ah, how comfortable it is being around our friends, our homes and things we know. It gives us a sense of safety and security knowing we can rely on our friends and family if we need them. Our horses see things much in the same way. Their barn buddy or buddies are their friends and family. Their barn or pasture is their home. When we take them away from what they know many times they let us know, real quick like, that they ain't too happy about it. They are letting us know even though we are the giver of hay, scratches and sometimes treats we aren't part of their family and friends. They are letting us know they don't see us as protector and leader. There lies the problem. We have to teach our horses to rely on us.

Years ago, in the Army we used to say soldiers needed 3 things from a leader, Purpose, Direction and Motivation. Now, let's use this idea on our horses.

Purpose - give them a job and teach them to see the job through. It can be something as simple as loading into a trailer or going on a 20-mile trail ride.

Direction - we can't just assume a horse knows how to do something. We have to teach them through direct and indirect pressure and pressure/release techniques to want to do something.

Motivation - through pressure/release and audible and physical praise (neck scratches are better than horse biscuits!) we motivate the horse to look for the correct outcome of a que.

Combining all of this with clear, concise and consistent commands will change you from being just a human to being the alpha in the two-animal herd of human and horse.

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