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Our horse training programs specializes in highly individualized care programs designed for each horse's needs. No horse is pushed through a program just to get the job done.  Horses leaving our training program are confident, fit, healthy, and relaxed about the work.

John utilizes a pressure and release method of training to achieve conditioned muscle memory of the horse.  From the unbroke, to the finished horse ready for events, let John help you get your horse there!  Due to scheduling, your horse will come into training for one week at a time.  Further training will be scheduled after the end of the week.  

Horses in training are provided everything in our Partial Boarding Packages.  Horses in training will be provided alfalfa hay fed by weight.  Any grain or supplements will be provided by owner.


Areas of focus for horse training include:*


  • Gentling the unbroken horse to ride

  • Fixing the problem horse

  • Finishing green broke horses

  • Training the performance horse

*All horse training is conducted on the ranch premises. 

Training Rate:  $275.00 per week.

Other training provided**:

  • Trailer Loading

  • Round Penning for Respect

  • Groundwork

**These training can be provided at your location and may

have addition costs of Per Diem and travel fees


Training Rate:  $250.00



Coaching / Riding Lessons:  (17 Years and under)



  • All lessons are sold in 4 hour blocks for $200.00.

  • Lessons will be given in 1 hour increments and scheduled with you.

* Beginner coaching/riding lessons cover basic horsemanship from the ground up. This includes care of your horse, nutrition, proper tack application, and basic riding skills.

* Intermediate coaching/riding lessons cover a review of the basic horsemanship skills and follow into intermediate riding techniques. 

* Advanced coaching/riding lessons cover a review of the basic and intermediate techniques, then follows into advanced riding techniques.

Private Instruction:  (18 Years and over)

We offer private instruction with a maximum of two riders and semi-private instruction with a maximum of five riders.  The training will be approximately eight hours with a break for lunch and breaks during the training as needed.  This provides a more private setting which allows for maximum training with no distractions.  During the lesson, John will be able to focus on each one of the participants to help each person achieve maximum results.  These private training sessions can also be conducted at your barn or any other location.  Additional fees apply. (See below)


Rate:  $400 per person.


Additional Fees:  Per Diem plus travel 



Types of Clinics Offered:

  • 2, 3 or 4 Day Large Venue Clinics (Auditors Welcomed)

  • Private Clinics (5 Participants Max and no Auditors)

Your choice of a two, three or four day clinic.  Clinic length will be decided by the clinic host.  Host is to pay for the cost of the clinic, venue fees and travel costs.  A perfect way for large groups of people to ride together or ride and spectate!  Have a local riding group or association that would like to ride with John?  This is choice for you!  You can both ride with John and make some extra money for your group or association with a horsemanship clinic!

*For more information and rates, please call give us a call.