Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse. As a certified massage therapist, a thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles is required.  We are privileged that the Rocking B Ranch has a Certified Massage Therapist who offers services which include trigger point massage technique which is also known as myotherapy or myofascial trigger point therapy.  

Main Body Systems that benefit from massage:

  • Muscular System

  • Lymphatic System

  • Circulatory System

  • Nervous System

  • Skin

What are the benefits of Equine Massage Therapy?

  • Prevention/Preventative Maintenance

  • Helps horse of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts or competition

  • Alleviates pain, tension, and discomfort

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen circulation

  • Increases Lymphatic flow

  • Increases range of motion in joints/lubricates joints

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling

  • Reduces spasms and cramping

  • Relax and soften injured, tired and overused muscles

  • Release endorphins - bodies own natural pain killer

  • Stimulation of waste and toxin elimination

  • Break down of scar tissue on new injuries

  • Helps reduce post-exercise soreness

  • Improves athletic performance



Our Massage Therapist will work with your Veterinarian

and/or Chiropractor to develop a rehabilitation program

to achieve the best possible results for your horse.

Give us a call to schedule an evaluation and massage. 


Want to schedule massages for a group? 

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Check out more information on our Certified Massage Therapist below.


John is a certified E.S.M.T. through Therasage EMC School.  This technique utilizes “trigger point therapy” to ensure the best possible results from massage.  Equine massage therapy has been proven to stimulate blood flow, improve injury recovery time, aid in softening the horses frame and improve muscle and limb range of motion, promote muscle growth, reduce post event recovery time, provide pain relief to acute problems such as tendonitis and arthritis.


Massage Costs

Preventive Maintenance Massage


Full Session -  $75.00

Pre-Event Massage - $35.00

Post-Event Massage - $35.00

Rehabilitation Program - Call to schedule an evaluation


*Note – Pre and Post event massages should be

used before and after each run during competition to receive the full benefits.