Our programs are designed to help you train your horse with proven, gentle methods that will help you have the partnership with your horse you have always dreamed of. You will work with your horse, and we will teach you how to train your horse to be the willing and respectful partner you deserve. No matter your riding experience or discipline, you will learn to improve ground control, control under saddle, loading, starting young horses or retraining older horses. With our clinics, and your determination, you will enjoy a better relationship with your horse and a better experience when you ride! In our clinics we will help you expand your level of communication with your horse and make you a better horseperson!


Types of Clinics/Demos:


  • Trailer Loading (Demo only)

  • Round Pen Work and Ground Control

  • Bridle Control Clinic

  • Basic Riding Clinic

  • Advanced Riding Clinic

  • FEAR! Clinic


Clinics and Demonstrations can be personalized to your or your organization’s needs. Demonstrations are also offered as a plug-in for your major events! Contact us for more information.

Private Clinics:

Private Clinics allow you and up to four friends to train with me for one day on a variety of techniques that you pick! The training will be approximately eight hours with a break for lunch and breaks during the training as needed. These clinics do not allow auditors or spectators, and can also be conducted at your barn.  This allows for a more private setting to allow for maximum training with no distractions.  


Cost is $400.00 per person

Additional costs:  Meals and Travel fees.

*For more information and rates, please call give us a call.

Round Pen and Ground Control:


I think it’s pretty much agreed that round pen work and ground control are where the training begins with a horse. BUT what the round pen training actually does is up to the individual You can use it quickly just to get the horse moving, then move on with your other training. Or you can use it to help your horse learn commands through his or her own thought process and decision making skills which improves the horse’s confidence......



Bridle Control Clinics:


Bridle Control is a large part of the process of developing a strong partnership with your horse. Teaching bridle work to your horse will improve responsiveness (not soft enough or too soft) and reinforce everything you will be asking for in the saddle. Whether used to teach rein commands to an unbroken horse, or to re-enforce softness and responsiveness in a well broke horse.......



Basic Riding Clinics:


From beginner to advanced riders the Basic Riding Clinic offers everyone an opportunity to learn new riding skills or re-visit old skills. Balance and effective cues to the horse are instrumental in truly being the leader in the relationship between you and your horse. From your voice to your heels, you will learn various ways to control the movement, speed and direction of your horse........


Advanced Riding Clinics:


During our advanced clinic, you will learn how to train or re-enforce the movements of lateral movements, stops, circles, backing, rollbacks, lead changes, straight line riding and spins. Whether your horse is trained in the maneuvers or not is not important as this clinic teaches you how train these maneuvers........


FEAR! Clinics:


Fight or flee, blow up, wreck….horses and riders becoming afraid at any given time has so many names. Regardless they all equal one thing, a dangerous situation! Horses that have had a bad accident, or do not have the confidence in themselves or their human, or if the human has had a bad accident and does not have confidence themselves or their horse, will cause a situation where one or both lose control.........